A chat with Linda d’Holt-Hackner, Enneagram Type 7.

In this video I chat to Linda, a Brand Experience and Team Development Consultant who resonates with Type 7 on the Enneagram. She shares with us what it’s like living through the lens of an Enthusiastic Visionary, how she chooses to design her life in a way that suits her personality and we also debunk some of the common misconceptions of this type.


Some interesting observations:

  • Her enthusiasm, optimism and animated way of speaking

  • Her tendency to see life through the lens of excitement, joy and opportunity

  • Her tendency to reframe things into the positive

  • How she has designed her life in a way that prioritises happiness

  • Her sensitivity to discomfort and avoidance of pain, driven by the fear of getting stuck there

  • Her way of choosing optimism as a way of coping with difficulty, an instinct developed as a young child

  • Her dislike of limitation and need for variety and options

  • Her tendency to live in her head, the “monkey mind” filled with concepts, cross-polination of ideas and endless opportunities

  • Her potential to become “untethered” and ungrounded

some of linda’s LEARNINGS:

  • How to find pleasure in the now rather than living in the world of future possibility

  • Learning to face the reality of a situation rather than always spinning the positive

  • Learning to stay present with people in their pain instead of trying to “fix it” by making it better or lighter

  • Aligning her work in a way that provides her the variety and diversity she needs

  • Doing work that brings out her strengths i.e. finding potential, seeking joy, and bringing out the best in people

  • Realising that energy and enthusiasm can dilute a message and that “medicine sometimes just needs to be medicine”

  • Respecting other people’s needs to process information at a slower rate and learning to take them through her thought process

  • Challenging her tendency to reframe so as to be sure of her real intention (and the potential for avoidance!)

  • Learning not to overestimate herself and being respectful of a subject’s depth and mastery

  • Not making assumptions when she feels she has a quick grasp of something

  • Asking the right questions and listening to other people more intently

  • The importance of grounding herself through practices such as yoga and breathwork

to get in touch with linda:

Website: http://thetouchco.co.za

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thetouchco/?hl=en

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/linda-d-holt-hackner-b127b612/