Transformation comes from each member of the team knowing who they are, what they’re capable of, and what’s getting in the way of them stepping fully into their power as leaders.

If you're in business today, you're feeling it. The hustle and the haste. The push and the profit. Everyone's after faster decision, quicker resolution and better results. 

For those teams lucky enough to be led by conscious leaders, there's an awareness that reaches beyond this. A high-performing team is only as good as the chemistry of its members, and it's the people onboard that matter:

Stronger relationships, better communication, more trust.

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But how exactly do we get there? How do we inspire our teams to show up as their best selves, bringing their greatest strengths to the table?

How do we encourage diversity, allowing each person's unique way of viewing the world bring a much-needed new way of doing things? A once-off team build isn't going to do it, and as much as it can light our fires in the moment, an inspirational talk isn't enough either.


Transformation comes from each member of the team having the awareness to look at themselves with a clear lens, and the courage to show up in a different way. 

It comes from each member of the team being willing to look at where they might be holding themselves back and what they can do to move past this.

And it comes from each member of the team being able to show up with the awareness, maturity and trust needed to bring their full selves to the table.



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After 12 years working in a corporate environment, I'd come across my fair share of personality-typing tools.

I loved the opportunity they provided for learning more about myself, and I usually experienced many "yes - that's me!" moments. But the insight never really translated into action. Nothing really happened after the workshop. And nothing really changed in our team. 

That is, until I experienced the Enneagram... I realised very quickly that it wasn't simply a personality-profiling tool. It dug way deeper than anything I'd done before.


Instead of just reflecting my behaviour, it showed me why I was motivated to act the way I did.

It helped me see myself through the habitual lens I'd unknowingly been wearing all these years... and with that, the potential for taking off that lens and leading in a more balanced and effective way. 

I thought it would be affirming more of what I already know of myself but working with the fears and motivation level of the Enneagram really challenged me to dig deeper. I love Jessica’s work. She’s authentic, enthusiastic, real and a great facilitator.

When we explore ourselves through the lens of the Enneagram, we get to: 

  • Identify our particular strengths, motivators and natural abilities of our leadership type so we can maximize our personal effectiveness
  • Explore the underlying fears, triggers and challenges specific to our leadership style so we can start to stretch beyond them
  • Understand how we’re using the 3 Centres of Intelligence – the head, heart and gut – so we can learn to make more effective and balanced decisions 
  • Uncover our specific communication strengths and challenges so we can become more effective in our relationships
  • Discover how to improve our EQ through awareness of self and others so we can work more effectively with diverse groups of people
  • L earn tools specific to our unique leadership style  - so that we can start making changes straight away
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When we explore our team through the lens of the Enneagram, we get to: 

  • Understand the unique chemistry of our team so we can optimise its collective strengths and minimise its limiting behaviours 
  • Understand how the team gets what it wants and how it behaves when things aren’t going well so we can manage conflict in a more collaborative and productive way
  • Understand how the team style is affecting relationships so we can learn opportunities for bringing in healthier alternatives
  • Understand how the team style is impacting tasks and the ability to get things done so we can see opportunities for improving overall productivity
  • Learn a common language within the team so we can encourage healthy communication and more effective feedback 
  • Understand the unique gift that each team member brings to the table so we can better understand, trust and leverage the diversity of our colleagues 
The Enneagram framework has provided language and tools for us to be more effective as individuals and as a team, and we feel far more strategically equipped and focused for the year ahead. We also have a far greater appreciation for our respective strengths and contributions to the team. Jessica is an incredibly talented facilitator and is able to land the Enneagram work and insight effortlessly into your practical context.

An Enneagram journey typically involves:

  • A 2-hr Introduction to the Enneagram Workshop to lay the foundation and provide an overview of all 9 types
  • A 20-page Team Report plus 42-page Professional Report for each team member 
  • 1:1 Personal Coaching Sessions with each team member leveraging the Enneagram for Personal Growth
  • 1 or 2 day Team Enneagram Workshop leveraging the Enneagram for Team Growth


  • Trust What do each of the types need in order to trust?
  • Improving Communication How do we come across to others? How can we improve communication within our team and with our various stakeholders?
  • Problem Solving How can we use the Enneagram as a model to look at dilemmas from a fresh perspective?
  • Dealing with Conflict What triggers each type and how do we optimise this for better resolution?
  • Managing Polarities How do we manage the specific tensions in the team and harness the strengths of both sides to find better synergy?
  • Managing Stress What energises and what drains each of the types, and what can we do to support each other in this space?
  • Decision Making How can we use the 3 centres of intelligence to enable more balanced decision-making?
Jessica’s Enneagram training is one of the best Enneagram interventions that I’ve seen. The comprehensiveness in the material, personalised coaching and team sessions leads to a well-informed understanding of team and individual motive
— Mike Saunders - CEO DigitLab