Hi, I’m Jessica, an Enneagram Type 7 (Enthusiastic Visionary) who believes the way to living an uncompromised life is through TRUTH - knowing it, living it and speaking it.

I’m a Coach, Facilitator & Reseacher specialising in Organisational Culture and the Enneagram as a tool for personal and professional development.

I spent more than 15 years in the field of Consumer Insights including a role as Consumer & Market Insight Director for Unilever, project leading Unilever’s Global Qualitative Research Accreditation Programme and since starting my own business over 7 years ago, running various qualitative research projects alongside my coaching and team facilitation practice.


A bit about me:

  • I’ve done the corporate thing, managed regional teams and traveled all over the world. So I know how stress shows up.

  • I’ve experienced chronic eczema, pneumonia, anxiety and shingles. My body makes it clear when I’m not living my truth.

  • I’m a complete glutton for books, essential oils and inspiring, conceptual, “I wonder why” conversations.

  • I love travel, a good coffee, living near the sea and anywhere introvert-friendly

  • I don’t do bored very well



 I believe...

  • Everyone has the potential to change - no person or situation is unchangeable, stuck or forever.

  • That uncovering our truth, and learning to speak it, is the biggest gift of freedom we can give to ourselves, and others

  • We have the ability to let go of what isn’t working - the emotions, beliefs or unconscious habits that hold us back.

  • Our bodies don’t lie - and when we tune into this wisdom, we know exactly what we need.

  • In living an uncompromised life - where we show up as our true selves. Always


My style is:

  • A combination of science and heart - I believe in research but also in intuition, used together for powerful results

  • Grounded & no-nonsense - I believe that we can only bring about change if we’re willing to speak the truth about the things that matter

  • Gentle & challenging - I believe in pushing people past their habitual levels of comfort but that it’s also possible to do so in a kind and supportive manner

  • Humorous & light-hearted - I believe that learning is made all the richer when we’re able to laugh at life, and ourselves

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I bring:

Whilst I completely understand the pressures of the corporate world and what it requires of us as individuals, coming back into that space, I now bring a very different perspective:

  • I help shine light on the truth so that we can have the conversations that matter

  • I steer clear of corporate jargon or fussy language, preferring to  speak plainly, one human to another

  • I’m not part of the political agenda so can provide a grounded and truthful view

  • I know now that it’s the chemistry between people that matters more than the tasks we’re trying to deliver


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