Hi, I’m Jessica, an Enneagram Type 7 (Enthusiastic Visionary) who believes the way to living an uncompromised life is through truth - knowing it, living it and telling it.

I’ve been described as “part therapist, part healer, part coach” because I don’t fit into any one of these frames. I prefer to work intuitively, integrating my business background with my experience as a Coach and BodyTalk practitioner. 


I work with curious, reflective and self-motivated women who want to design their lives based on who they are rather than what people expect of them


 I believe...

  • Everyone has the potential to change - no person or situation is unchangeable, stuck or forever.

  • That uncovering our truth, and learning to speak it, is the biggest gift of freedom we can give to ourselves

  • We do have the ability to let go of what isn’t working - the emotions, beliefs or unconscious habits that hold us back.

  • Our bodies don’t lie - and when we tune into this wisdom, we know exactly what we need.

  • Life is a balance of holding on and letting go - knowing when to stand firm in our strength and when to surrender to ease


My truths:

  • I’ve done the corporate thing, managed regional teams and traveled all over the world. So I know how stress shows up.

  • I’ve experienced chronic eczema, pneumonia, anxiety and shingles. My body makes it clear when I’m not living my truth.

  • I’m a complete glutton for books, essential oils and inspiring, conceptual, “I wonder why” conversations.

  • I love travel, a good coffee and living near the sea.

  • My happy places are the beach, the mountains, and anywhere introvert-friendly

  • I don’t do bored very well

  • I’ve given up on perfect  – because…well…boring.


Jess uses a very multi-layered approach. I love that she uses all her various trainings to offer a really skilled, integrated and multi-faceted approach to insight creation and awareness. I love looking at my blindspots and she is very willing to go there – and go deep, so I get so much from every single session
— Deborah Good


we’re probably a good fit if:

  • You feel a little bit guilty for wanting more for yoursef and your life because you already have so much, so who are you to play even bigger?

  • You find yourself pretending in little ways e.g. keeping quiet when you really have something to say, saying you’re fine when you’re not, holding back certain parts of yourself because it’s easier to keep the peace, not asking for help even though you really need it 

  • You roll your eyes at the word ‘balance’ even though it’s exactly what you’re aiming for - a sense of fulfilment in ALL areas of your life 

  • You want to feel such a sense  of self-worth and personal power that standing your ground and asserting your boundaries comes easily to you

  • You don’t want to apologise for who you are and the choices you make

  • You want to feel comfortable owning the paradox of your desires - that you want to be calm AND inspired, you want to feel grounded AND energised, you want to be content AND hungry for more

  • You feel a little self-indulgent seeking out help and spending time on yourself because surely strong, capable, independent woman should be able to get their shit together on their own? 



Want to find out if we’re a good fit?

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You should probably know - I’m not your typical coach:

  • I don’t follow the coaching rule books, use formulaic approaches or hold back my point of view if I think it will serve you. I openly share knowledge, stories and ideas.

  • I prefer honesty, depth and healthy challenge, rather than superficially skimming the surface or an over-focus on goal-setting.

  • I like to work intuitively, bringing in other tools like breathwork, energy techniques or my understanding of the Mindbody Connection to get beneath the surface of what’s really going on.

  • I don’t take anything too seriously because I believe our biggest learnings can be gained with a little laughter and light-heartedness.




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