We Need to Talk about the Size of your Thighs



“Mother Theresa wasn’t worried about the size of her thighs. She had shit to do.”

I don't know who said that, but don't you just love it?

Because we all have shit to do. 

We all have amazing, creative, incredible, talented, interesting, valuable shit to do. Every single one of us as something meaningful to offer up. We all have a contribution to make on this planet, whether through our work or our hobbies or our families.

But instead we’re worrying about this. 

And worrying if we’re pretty enough and skinny enough and desirable enough. We’re worried about whether we’ve aged too much in the past year and the amount of arm flab that’s been added to our repertoire of self-criticism. We worry about whether there’s any mojo left in us worth flirting with and whether we could be mistaken for someone younger.
We worry about what we should be eating and what we can’t eat and about what we’d love to eat but aren’t allowed to eat and what we crave eating and about the guilt we still feel for what we ate yesterday
It’s exhausting. It’s utterly, frighteningly exhausting.

And it’s entirely irrelevant to the bigger task of our lives. 

Listen up. I’m not saying health and nutrition doesn’t matter. I’m not saying we shouldn’t care deeply about what we put in our bodies. For sure we can use nutrition to provide us with more energy, to alleviate symptoms and to help us heal. I’ve experienced first hand the benefits of cutting down on things that don’t serve me.

What I’m saying is that the anxiety around it needs to stop.

We need to stop the fight.
We need to let go:
Let go of the need for control.
Let go of the need for perfection.
Let go of the fear.
Let go of the judgment.

Just. Let. Go.

When we let go of the struggle, we can finally feel free.
And from there, anything is possible.
Now we can open up the space to figure out who we really are. We can open up the space for the things that we’re truly hungry for.

We can take all that energy directed at worrying and channel it into something more productive, more creative, more of a contribution to what really matters in our lives.

And that’s where the magic is.
That’s where the transformation happens.

That’s where the real joy lies.