The quality of your life depends on the quality of your friends

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“You are the average of the 5 people you spend your most time with” Jim Rohn

This is huge. Think about it. 

When you hang about with people who gossip, moan, talk about the latest diet, celebrity or shitty reality show, can you honestly say you walk away from that conversation feeling lighter? Lifted? Inspired?

Does spending time with these kinds of people help you get where you want to go? 

Do you chase the wild dream, go on that crazy adventure, make the changes you truly want to make?
Not a chance.
This is a muddy terrain. It’s sluggish. It leaves us feeling down about ourselves and down about the world in general.

When we spend time with the swamp-dwellers, we stay down.

We keep operating at a low energy, one that keeps us small, lethargic and held back from our deepest desires.
Compare that to the light-seekers. You know these people by how you feel when you’re around them.

They vibrate at a high frequency.

They’re energetic and inspiring. They’re full of ideas and opportunities. They seek meaningful conversation. They want to use their energy to create and inspire. To uplift and ignite.
A double order of that please!

These are the people that fill us up.

They talk up great moments. They help us seek change. They encourage us to try that idea, to make that plan, to go on that trip. They read interesting material and share inspiring wisdom.

They’re YES people.

Yes because their very vibration sets them up for saying yes to life.
The light-seekers aren’t pollyannas. They don’t only see the good in situations, turning their back on anything negative. They’re also empathetic. They listen, they provide warmth and their very presence radiance a sense of “all is well”. 

Light-seekers are real. 

When we’re with a light-seeker we feel a sense of relief because we know we can finally let go and just be who we are. No judgement, no rules, no outcome. And yet by spending time with them we’re also inspired to be the highest possible version of ourselves.

Spending time at the Emerging Women Live event in San Francisco this month brought this home to me in a massive way. 

The feeling of support was immense. The quality of care was deep. These are talented, powerful, honest women who are making the most incredible impact in the world. They are having reach in industries from tech to congress, all doing insanely good work.
Being in this space was uplifting. It was energizing and empowering and magical.

The message to me was clear: spend time with women like this. 

Spend time with women who are creating shifts, who are committed to something bigger. Engage with people who vibrate at a frequency that resonates, that lifts, that does good.
How does this feel to you?

Do you relate?

I encourage you to spend a few moments to think about the people you spend the most time with:
Do they gossip, moan and generally engage in low-energy conversation? Or are they committed to a greater wisdom, a kinder language, a more meaningful connection to the world?
Do they keep you small by undermining your ideas and giving you reasons why you shouldn’t, or are they a supportive cheerleader, encouraging you to be the best version of yourself you possible can be?
Are they no people or yes people?
Are they mud-dwellers or light-seekers?

Please. Choose well.