Living lightly in 2016


Last year seemed to be a pretty unpleasant one for many people. So many of us ended the year saying “good riddance”, “not again” and “next year needs to be different”. It seems that everyone I speak to mentioned just how busy it was, how overwhelming, how full of struggle.


Let’s not take this too personally.


South Africans are experiencing the collective consciousness of a country in turmoil. People have had enough. People are tired of the bullshit, the racism, the violence, the corruption. We’re feeling the general cry of a country shouting “ENOUGH!” We’re feeling the overall anger.


So if you’ve found yourself feeling a little more aggressive than usual, know that it’s not about you.


We’ve found ourselves turning into little fighters, constantly in, or awaiting battle. We’re all feeling a little spent. And quite frankly, we’re tired of trying so hard.


It’s time to unplug from the collective chaos.


And a New Year is the perfect time for change. This is when we reassess our lives and can get really honest about what we want.

In speaking to people about their intentions for the New Year, these have been the common themes:

  • Slow down
  • Surrender
  • Go easy on myself
  • Simplify
  • Don’t take on too much
  • Learn to say no


Sounds good doesn’t it?


For those of you who’ve yet to give thought to 2016 and what you hope it to bring, I encourage you to do so now.

Don’t make it an endless list of resolutions. Please don’t do that.


It’s time to be gentle.


Don’t put yourself under huge pressure to become someone you’re not. This isn’t about losing 5kg, or doing your first triathlon. Who are you kidding? And is that really going to lighten your load?


Set an intention that lightens you up.


Something that allows you a massive out-breath of relief. Something that you know contributes to your own wellbeing without any sense of obligation, achievement, progress or striving.


Keep it simple.


Maybe you even want to focus more on taking things away than adding things in.


For me, my intention of 2016 is simple: Meditation & Movement


If I can just do these 2 things every day, I know my mind and spirit will feel lighter. There are no rules in this. Meditation can be 5 minutes or 20 minutes. Movement can be a run on the promenade, yoga, or simply ice-skating with my niece. It doesn’t matter. The purpose is that it feels light and easy. My intention is to do things that make me feel good and that nourish my heart and soul.


Enough of the rules. Enough of the fear. It’s time to let go.


Go gently everyone. And may 2016 be a year of living lightly.