3 Simple Things to Help you Get Unstuck


Whether it’s overwhelm or lethargy, it’s easy to get caught in a space of stuckness. Thoughts swirl and ideas emerge, teasing us into a future version of self. She is calm and ordered. Fit and strong. Energized and active… 

Whatever that vision we have for ourselves, we know we don’t feel like that now. And no matter what glorious ideas we have in our heads, we don’t know what to do to get there. 

And so we press pause and we continue our days as usual. Numb amidst the chaos, we’re kept afloat by the busyness, our endless to do lists offering an opt-out for change. Despite the movement of our outer lives, we feel a sense of fatigue. And we stay stuck in the planning and pondering, unable to shake the inertia.

For the past few months I’ve found myself in this space. My gut told me that things had to change. An intuitive hit kept clanging in my core, begging me to do the necessary. But my head took its usual approach, filling itself with too many thoughts, its suggestion box overflowing with ideas. And my heart, not resonating with any of them, well…it simply felt heavy. 
And so I was back where I started. Feeling stuck. Not moving. Not taking action to change. 

But here’s what I’ve noticed about change:


  • It comes in its own timing– from one day to the next we can make a firm call. In an instant we finally get tired of our own lives or our own stories or our own hiding, and we feel compelled to do something new today
  • It’s led by joy and inspiration– I can’t think of a single healthy habit I’ve sustainably brought in that was driven by fear or obligation. And yet when I feel deep desire or the energy of enthusiasm, the change feels lighter and more inviting.
  • It thrives on simplicity– the more complex the change, the less likely it is to happen. But honing in on what’s really going to move the needle channels more energy through fewer spaces and ignites the desire for action.

Knowing what needs to be done isn’t something we need to agonize over. We know what makes us feel good. We can feel it in our bodies when things are energized and in flow. Just as we can feel it in our bodies when we’re drained and out of alignment.

Knowing what needs to be done shouldn’t be complicated. In fact, the more we drop into our heartspace and feel what we know to be true, the more likely we are to find the solution.

For me, it’s 3 simple things: Meditate, Move, Make.

Meditate, because sitting still for 20 minutes helps settle my Enneagram 7 monkey mind that’s relentlessly on chatter. When I meditate, I feel a sense of calmness pour through my body and a satisfying muting of the noise. 
Move, because any form of exercise clears the mist in my head and provides me with a sense of energy. Not just physically, but also emotionally. I feel more capable and more inspired to do what needs to be done.
And Make, because my happiest days are my most productive days. If I make something, create something, complete something, I feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose. And I’m reminded that what I do matters.

3 simple things. 

They don’t feel like an obligation or a chore. They don’t feel like a task too big for the day. And they don’t feel misaligned with who I am at my core.

3 simple things my head, heart and gut agree on.

I’m finishing off my second week now and I’m already feeling lighter. Less thinking, more being.  Less hoping, more helping. 

And more importantly, I feel inspired to keep going.