Here's the Truth...

The choices you make don’t interest me. I’m not concerned about the food you eat, how you spend your time or what career you decide upon.  

What interests me is the awareness with which you do it. I want to know that you’re awake in your choices and that you’re being intentional about why you’re doing it. 


I want you to know, to speak and to live your truth.

I want you to live a fully intentional life that feels aligned with who you really are and what you really want. 

I want you to live a life that feels true, rich and joyful.


So let’s start. Let’s get curious about ourselves. Let’s start exploring… 


Inspiration Sessions

Sometimes we need a chat with someone who isn't involved. Someone who can provide a fresh perspective. Who can hear what we're really saying, help us clarify our own thoughts, and call us out on our crap. 


Enneagram Coaching

Nothing "goes there" as clearly and as deeply as the Enneagram. If you're wanting to explore yourself in a way that brings awareness, insight and heaps of stretch, an Enneagram journey will do that. This is a tool you'll use for life! 



Connected, energised, inspired. This is the feeling we get when we come together in groups. My workshops aim to teach, to explore, to enquire and to expand... always with beauty, space, good music and lots of laughs.

Jessica has a way of pulling information out of your head that is truly remarkable and I never walked away from one of our sessions without the feeling that I had had several profound AHA moments! The changes that present themselves after this kind of work are not always comfortable or easy but I have come away with a much deeper sense of knowing myself
— Kelly Pringle