I’ve called these monthly notes Life Letters because that’s exactly what they feel like to me.

Letters from me, to you, about Life.



They’re usually prompted by something going on in my own life or perhaps questions that I’ve had swirling around in my head. They’re my own insights into how I’m navigating Life and trying my best to make it an Intentional one. And I hope they resonate with you too.

By signing up, you can expect to receive one email from me a month around a particular topic - sometimes serious, sometimes playful…always real. Plus a few little extras thrown in here and there to help you on your own way to a joyfully conscious life.

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Your newsletter this morning was beautiful! Resonated very deeply.  Had me all choked up and so clearly articulated what I need to do myself to make the changes that I need in my life.
— Louise, South Africa
Your newsletters always pop into my email at the right time. Thank you!
— Catherine, South Africa
Thanks for this. I really resonated and had a good laugh at myself
— Sarah, United States