Deborah Good - Entrepreneur

“Jess uses a very multi-layered approach.  I love that she uses all her various trainings to offer a really skilled, integrated and multi-faceted approach to insight creation and awareness. I love looking at my blindspots and she is very willing to go there – and go deep, so I get so much from every single session”


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Louise Duys Walker - Marketing & Sustainability Director

“The Enneagram as a tool is amazing and Jess’ intuition and nuanced approach brought it to life. Her gentle, probing approach helped me go deeper for even better understanding and greater insights. The awareness has shown me how I can handle things differently to make decisions and drive action and I feel so much more empowered!


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Sarah Shuttleworth -  Industrial Psychologist & HR Consultant

“I thought it would be affirming more of what I already know of myself but working with the fears and motivation level of the Enneagram really challenged me to dig deeper. I love Jessica’s work.  She’s authentic, enthusiastic, real and a great facilitator."



KC rossi - TRANSFORMATIVE business coach

"I loved Jessica's Enneagram Business Alignment programme and will recommend it to my business coaching clients. For the life-learner interested in understanding their nature in a deep and meaningful way, this program is invaluable. Of course, it helps navigate personal relationships more effectively, but it also is an insightful tool to utilize in business as well. Knowing your strengths, underlying motivations, pitfalls, and old habits gives you the power to course correct, align with your true nature and highest goals, and serve your clients more optimally (especially with the insight of their "type")."


Mike Saunders.png

mike saunders - ceo digitlab

“Jessica's enneagram training is one of the best enneagram interventions for leadership that I have seen. The comprehensiveness in the material, personalised coaching and team sessions leads to a well formed understanding of team and individual motive”


Lidys Garcia.png

LIDYS GARCIA - intuitive COACH, artist & MENTOR 

"When I first went into this program I wasn't sure if it was going to be another 'personality typing' and I was a bit concerned about the quality of feedback being vague and fluffy as I’ve experienced before.  But I can say that this program is jam packed with information as well as great support from Jessica. I loved the personal and customized approach. Yes, you can find free enneagram tests online, but how you get to understand it and apply it to your business and life is another thing; Jessica helps you with that with ease and care. She is down-to-earth and on point.  I loved that it was straightforward and practical but still based on intuitive insights and Jessica guided me on how to apply the learnings to my benefit, in biz and life."



Kelly Pringle - Content Creator & Copywriter

“Jessica has a way of pulling information out of your head that is truly remarkable and I never walked away from one of our sessions without the feeling that I had had several profound AHA moments! The changes that present themselves after this kind of work are not always comfortable or easy but I have come away with a much deeper sense of knowing myself “


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Celia Senekal – Facilitator, The Apple Tree Group

“Jess is wonderful. She made it easy to engage even when I sometimes would probably have been quiet. I found it easy to share openly with her and her challenging was done respectfully and encouragingly. The Enneagram is a wonderful tool to explore in a personal capacity and as a team. It allows for open and honest communication and a deep sense of understanding each other. “



alauna whelen - solopreneur

"Jessica helped me with harnessing the different aspects of the Enneagram to empower me as a business owner. This has allowed me to gain a deeper sense of clarity on what my needs and wants are and how they relate to who it is I serve, what my people are seeking, and how I can best provide something of value. Before working with Jessica I struggled to believe I could create a business that was both sustainable and profitable. From recognizing how I usually react or behave in situations, Jessica was able to provide a crystal clear path on how to harness other aspects of my unique Enneagram blueprint that support me to make better choices. Jessica gave me concrete ways to harness aspects of myself that will continue to serve me for the long term."


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tanya monteiro - business owner, digital communications

Jessica's depth of knowledge and intuition combined to help me get clear on my own shortcomings without rejecting them but rather accepting them. She helped me explore, accept, and challenge my thoughts and my actions as I connect and re-connect with myself, something I've avoided for a long time. Her keen perception clearly communicated to me what I needed to question in order to get comfortable with this new phase in my life. The best way to know is to try and I cannot recommend Jessica enough in helping get clear on your own goals for living your best life.


Jess is great! She has a huge curiosity about people and has a clear and considered way of approaching problems. She is compassionate and also insightful. I found the tools that she provides very useful for gaining perspective on the everyday problems of life that can seem so difficult to overcome. I have gained so much and feel so much happier.


Tess Heenan

"Jess brings such clarity to my thinking and has helped me hugely in gaining more self- confidence, tolerance, and generally a more positive outlook. Thanks again Jess, for your powerful sessions and for guiding me and ‘ exposing’ me to a more well balanced and fruitful way of life. I will always be truly grateful to you."


sophy dale


"I’ve always been intrigued but confused by the Enneagram, having found it difficult to 'type' myself with any accuracy. Jessica demystified this complex and subtle system for me and gave me heaps of insight into my own type and the idiosyncrasies of other types I come into contact with at home or in business. She made the process fun and accessible but I also came away with lots of actionable advice."



Kristin Tennent - Brand Manager

"Jess seems to be able to verbalise exactly how I am feeling and I leave with tools that I can apply to my life. I have learned so much about myself and the choices that I make and am able to now more consciously choose what serves me. Jess has helped me to identify what makes me feel light and free versus what I do out of obligation. I love my sessions and look forward to the aha moments and leaving with additional clarity, more equipped to live my life in a way that feels authentic and brings me joy."




"The Enneagram journey that Jessica has taken our team through has been exceptionally rewarding and valuable in many ways. In terms of our individual professional development, the process has been enlightening and very useful in terms of understanding and owning how each of us engage with the world and each other. Jessica coached us as individuals and as a team and she is able to fluidly move between these spaces, speaking right to the heart of what is most pertinent to each person

The Enneagram framework has provided language and tools for us to be more effective as individuals and as a team and we feel far more strategically equipped and focused for the year ahead. We also have a far greater appreciation for our respective strengths and contributions to the team. Jessica is an incredibly talented facilitator and is able to land the Enneagram work and insight effortlessly into your practical context."




"The Enneagram for Business Alignment programme was not what I expected but really got to the heart of things! If you want to go deeper into understanding your Enneagram type and work with someone who has deep insight into it, Jessica is a deeply compassionate and wise guide. Highly recommended."



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Catherine Reid-Fletcher - Business Owner 

"Jessica is a very inspiring and supportive coach. She works with you in a holistic fashion seeking to understand the broader context in which you are functioning and to help you understand how all these pieces fit together and impact on your overall health. While being very firm and ensuring that any goals set are carefully articulated and realistic, she is also very good at helping you to work through pitfalls that you may have encountered and at guiding you to recognize what you have achieved even in the weeks where you are rather swamped by your “failures”. I would highly recommend working with Jessica to anyone wanting to achieve a sustained shift in their approach to healthy living."


Intuitive, challenging, playful and motivating… These are just a few words to describe Jess. I’ve been running my own research agency for 12 years and recently embarked on a journey with Jess to take my business skills to the next level. Jess’s approach is refreshing, non-threatening, insightful and well-paced. I’m loving the experience and the results are already beginning to show.

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Kate Lawrie - BodyTalk Practitioner

"My sessions with Jessica were insightful and helped me to gain a deeper awareness and understanding of myself and where I am on my journey. Jess is very intuitive and gently guides and prompts you to think out the box and see the bigger picture.  Each session brought new insights and many "aha" moments. I feel like my awareness opened, expanded and shifted and after two weeks it literally felt like I was shedding emotional baggage!  I would definitely recommend Jessica to anyone who is feeling a bit stuck and needs a helping hand to guide them along their path."


I feel supported by a very firm guide, which is exactly what I need because I know I can bamboozle a lot of people – including myself!

Sean Temple.jpg

Sean Temple - Consultant

"Jess is a consummate professional. She comes from a strong corporate background with lots of international experience. She is passionate about what she does and I have no hesitation in referring her to anyone that has a desire to improve on anything they feel they need help with. I saw major improvement in my stress and anxiety and changes in my relationships, especially in letting go of the unwanted!"


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Anthea Dallimore - Economist

"Jessica was excellent - patient, very gracious, and encouraging and I would definitely recommend working with her – she was wonderful!"


When I first met Jess there was just an instant calm being in her presence and in her space - a warm, welcoming calm. Meeting with Jess has really brought about a sense of calm and clarity to my life. She has helped me by opening my world to seeing different perspectives and how just changing the way you look at something can change how you feel. Her sense of intuition is just astounding and always spot on. I feel that my sessions with Jess are teaching me more about me and my emotions. I always look forward to my sessions with Jess and the peace and calm that come along with them. Thank you Jess!
— Deanne Allen


Lucy Holmes

"I have experienced trauma in my life and undergone intense counselling as a result, however I always felt there was more for me to work with than just my conscious emotional state on any given day. When I met Jess I became acutely aware of how our subconscious plays an incredibly powerful role in our health and wellbeing. Jess has a wonderful empathy which instantly makes you feel understood and at ease in her company."



Saya Pitham - Business owner

"Sessions with Jess have been a real game changer for me, both personally and professionally"



Lorraine Peterson - Business Owner

"Jessica's empathy with clients is incredible. She is caring and thoughtful and always very gently coaxes all the information she needs in order for each session to be a success. She is clearly passionate about her business and helping her clients. Her enthusiasm for health and wellness is refreshing. She isn’t out to make a “quick buck” - she honestly wants to make a difference in people’s lives."