Most of us want change.

We want to choose a different way of showing up in our lives, our relationships and our work.

And we want to be able to live in alignment with who we are and what we truly want.

But in order to truly change, we have to become aware of our patterns first.

We have to shine a light on the habitual behaviours that keep us on auto-pilot, holding us back from the life we want. 

When we are aware of our patterns, we’re able to put a stop to the repeat messaging. We’re able catch ourselves and make a different choice. 

And we’re able to move towards a life of greater truth, greater alignment, and greater ease. 


The Enneagram is an archetypal framework that offers a powerful roadmap to personal awareness. The 9 styles represent the different lenses through which we tend to view the world, and that guide how we think, feel and act.  These lenses are like filters… they’re our default way of viewing the world and the habitual foundations from which we respond.

When we explore ourselves through the lens of the Enneagram, we’re invited to take these glasses off. …to change the filter. And by understanding WHY we behave the way we do, we’re more able to step out of our habitual way of living and make more conscious choices.


  • We see ourselves, and each other, with a different perspective

  • We learn what it takes for us to show up as our best selves: aligned, whole-hearted and passionate

  • We learn to stop acting out of habit but rather choose to respond with intent

  • We learn how to spot when we’re off balance and how to get back on track

The Enneagram is not simply a personal-profiling tool.  It’s a “map of consciousness” for exploring, understanding and guiding us on our journey to living an integrated, whole and joyful life.

Photo credit: Derryn Schmidt

Photo credit: Derryn Schmidt


In this introductory workshop we will:

  • Explore an understanding of all 9 lenses and what’s motivating the way they show up in the world

  • Deep dive into your unique type - the strengths, behaviours, motivations as well as the habits that might be holding you back

  • Share experiences so we can learn from the other types

  • Learn how we can use the Enneagram as a tool for looking at our situation with a different perspective, and to work through challenging situations

“Once again Jess has pulled together a day of beautiful and gentle reflection into who we are and what motivates us. Her insights, examples and ability to tell a story has made the workshop light, deeply engaging and hugely enjoyable”
— Louise Duys Walker
Photo credit: Digitlab

Photo credit: Digitlab

you can expect:

  • A complex system clarified and demystified so that we can start using it straight away

  • An opportunity to connect, discuss and share so we can see the 9 lenses in action

  • Practical examples and relevant application so we can apply the learnings to our lives

  • The beginning of a life-changing growth journey to assist you in your relationships, your work… and your life.

Jessica takes what at first glance seems to be a complex subject and makes it useful and applicable in everyday life. She is engaging as a facilitator and brings a wealth of knowledge to her workshops, which she shares freely
— Clare van Rensburg

Next workshop:

  • Saturday 9th November 2019

  • 9am - 4:30pm

  • La Lucia, KZN

  • R1250 (includes teas, coffees, lunch and workbook)


    • EARLY BIRD PRICE: R1000 if booked and paid for by 6 October 2019 (20% discount!)

    • BRING A FRIEND: PAY R1980 for both tickets

  • Couples and colleagues welcome!

  • Whilst it’s not absolutely necessary, knowing your type in advance of the workshop will help you get the most out of the experience. My recommended test is this one but if it’s out of budget, please get in touch and we’ll chat through alternative approaches.

Jessica provided a warm and open environment in which we all felt comfortable to share our stories and learn about this amazing tool that will no doubt assist us in our personal and professional lives. After one session I am most certainly more self aware”
— Vicky Meagher

“What a lovely way to spend a beautiful Saturday. The workshop was a wonderful way to look at using all your strengths and weaknesses to be the best possible version of yourself”  Bernadette Parr

"A very helpful, informative, workshop to assist in a greater understanding of the enneagram types and how using the lines can help in problem solving


"The Enneagram has been most insightful and revealing. I really enjoyed it and found doing it with my husband was very beneficial to us, both as individuals and as a couple". Melisha Peters

“A really useful workshop to get a taste of what the Enneagram is all about...and feel I may just have seen the tip of the iceberg of it all!”   Bronwyn Cawood


“A great process to get to our real motivation of why we do or do not do things, very eye-opening, a lot of a-ha moments. Relaxed environment and good conversational style”

“I loved being amongst other like-minded women and hearing the stories from everyone else to bring the types to life in human form”

"Really interesting info and an expansion of awareness. The most useful part of the day was stepping into my lines and acessing the energy to help me make clearer decisionsSu Hariparsad

"Brilliant, rewarding and beneficial. It's incredible to be able to become more self aware by listening to a coach like Jess and sharing in this remarkable workshop." Clinton Peters

Jessica has the ability to get people to connect in a group of strangers and creates a space for sharing and learning in a way that makes you feel you knew it all along. Loved the day!”
— Janene Laas

"The Enneagram course run by Jess is amazing, I found it so insightful, not only in terms of where my motivations come from, but learning and having empathy for where everyone else is coming fromTam Dennekamp  

"Loved Jessica's enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject and her ease in getting the participants to look inward to relate and expand understanding." Morag Bromfield

"An interesting and insightful look at what makes me "tick" in this changing world." Eve Drury

"Jessica "owns" this workshop and has the ability to keep the focus on the subject at all times. I enjoyed the pace at which it was delivered and have really benefitted from being exposed to the Enneagram insights" Chris Lowe

"I did the Enneagram a couple of years ago and in this session, Jessica really explained the types well, giving examples that a person can really associate and resonate with. I would recommend her workshop to anyone, private or business. It is not only personally uplifting, but will really help you go from strength to strength" Annomi Kriel

Fabulous, fun and educational! I thoroughly loved the day! Very informative, a great opportunity for shifts and Jessica is an excellent facilitator!”
— Myra Epsey