We all need a little check in from time to time.

Someone to talk to, who isn't involved in all our personal or business stories, who can provide the fresh perspective we need. Ad hoc sessions were designed to provide you the space to discuss anything you want!

Feeling a little stuck and want a different point of view? Feeling confused and need a sounding board for your ideas? Feeling overwhelmed and need a nudge in the right direction?

Yup... that's what I'm here for.


These sessions have no rules, no format and no plan. Depending on what's going on for you at the time, I'll bring in whatever tools feel most appropriate, intuiting what's going to add most value for you at the time. 

People have used this session to go deeper with their self-awareness work, to clear out old belief systems, to hear a new perspective on their relationship issue and even to get feedback on their website or copy!


$120 per 60 mins

$65 per 30 mins

Please note all sessions are carried out online via Zoom

South African? Contact me for locals only rates

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My sessions with Jessica have helped me gain a deeper awareness and understanding of myself and where I am on my journey. Jess is very intuitive and gently guides and prompts you to think out the box and see the bigger picture. Each session brought new insights and many “aha” moments. I feel like my awareness opened, expanded and shifted.
— Kate Lawrie