A chat with Avni Trivedi, Enneagram Type 4.

In this unedited (and slightly longer) video I chat to Avni, an Osteopath, Doula, Zero Balancer and Women’s Intuitive Health Expert. Avni resonates with Type 4 on the Enneagram and in this discussion, she shares what it’s like living life through the lens of the Intense Creative, shows us some of the mistruths that can be associated with this type and shares some of the tools that help her on her personal growth journey. 


Some interesting observations:

  • Her search for depth, meaning and the desire to look beyond the superficial

  • Her ability to tune in to herself, her body and how she really feels

  • Her deep sensitivity and tendency to feel the weight of other people’s emotions, world issues etc.

  • Her connection to beauty, aesthetics and how she feels in relationship to her environment and to people

  • Her preference for an individual, unique way of showing up, not wanting to go with the “mass” approach

  • The tendency to see everything, including her work, as an expression of herself

  • Her need to live with a sense of authenticity, uniqueness and alignment with her true self

  • Her deep desire for creative expression as a life force, and the “juice” that enables her to see life with fresh eyes (even without being a traditional artist)

  • Her ability to bring creativity into everything she does e.g. a more holistic approach to her work

  • Her tendency to fall into overwhelm or numbing out as a way of seeking grounding

  • Her ability to bring depth and creativity with a sense of lightness and ease (debunking the “tormented artist” stereotype)

  • Her ability to think clearly and rationally in addition to her ability to feel and intuit (“a brain that works and a deeply refined sensitivity”), again showing us that not all Type 4s can’t disassociate from their feelings

some of avni’s insights & tools:

  • The importance of tuning in to her own needs and not necessarily pushing through regardless

  • The importance of knowing her own rhythm and feeling a sense of ease, flow and softness in her life and work

  • Not comparing herself to others and being very clear on what’s the right path for her

  • Allocating sufficient time for personal reflection and processing e.g. walking, cooking

  • Finding create expression e.g. dance workshop

  • Ensuring clear energetic boundaries - being intentional about where she puts her energy and creating space between work and other areas of her life

  • Avoiding potentially negative influences e.g. daily news watching or negative social media

  • Watching her own thinking to ensure she’s not making assumptions or taking on external “stuff”

  • Movement therapy and daily walking as a way to release/process emotions

  • Physical grounding e.g. lying on the floor

  • Meditation

  • Essential oils

  • Nourishing foods

to get in touch with avni:

Website: https://www.avni-touch.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/avnitouch/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/avnitouch/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/avnitouch?lang=en