A chat with Kerstin Martin, Enneagram Type 9.

In this unedited video I chat to Kerstin, Squarespace Web Designer and Authorized Trainer. Kerstin resonates with Type 9 on the Enneagram and in this discussion, she shares what it’s like navigating life through the lens of the Adaptive Peacemaker and some of the lessons that have helped her on her personal growth journey. 


Some interesting observations:

  • Her easygoing and positive nature

  • Her preference for peace, harmony and avoidance of conflict

  • Her tendency towards inertia, to stick her head in the sand and create a “bubble of peace” as a way of avoiding disharmony and feeling untouched

  • Her tendency to distract herself with activities like TV or scrolling as a subconscious way of avoiding thinking/getting stuck in her head

  • Her ability to see the other side of the story and understand other people’s perspectives and needs

  • Her natural ability to play the role of mediator

some of kerstin’s lessons:

  • Learning how, through awareness of her own typical behaviours, she can learn to show up differently

  • Action as the antidote - getting out of her heading or numbing out and doing something, usually something physical

  • The benefit of dealing with issues head-on rather than keeping her head in the sand

  • The freedom that comes from taking action and making progress

  • The value of learning to be more assertive and how to engage in healthy conflict

  • The benefit of taking responsibility and action in her business rather than a more passive/ go-with-the-flow approch

  • Learning to stand up for herself, her position, values and preferences

to get in touch with kerstin:

Website: https://kerstinmartin.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kerstinmartinsquarespacestudio/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/kerstinmartin

Oh. And the foundation of this website was built with the help of Kerstin’s brilliant course, Squarespace 101. :)