A chat with Sophy Dale, Enneagram Type 5.

In this unedited video I chat to Sophy, a Business Mentor for Creatives Entrepreneurs who resonates with Type 5 on the Enneagram. She shares with us what it’s like living through the lens of a Quiet Specialist, how she works with this in her life and business, and some of the strengths and development areas she’s identified along the way.


Some interesting observations:

  • Her even tone and considered, thoughtful way of speaking

  • Her desire to understand how things work, how the pieces fit together

  • Her preference for depth vs. the superficial

  • Her ability to help people think through various layers when solving problems

  • Her tendency to use research and fact-finding as a way of feeling confident and grounded in decision-making

  • Her preference for internal processing and thinking things through on her own before responding or deciding

  • And therefore her dislike of certain team activities e.g. brainstorming where there is an expectation to provide input without the required depth of thought

  • Her tendency to retreat when under threat or pressure

  • Her instinct to “hoard” her resources, time and energy when feeling overwhelmed or stressed


  • How her chosen line of work as a coach serves her natural Type 5 rhythms and tendencies

  • Awareness of the potential impact of her “retreating” on other people

  • Learning to explain her preference for internal processing to others to avoid misinterpretation

  • Asking for time to think about something to avoid the discomfort of having to provide an answer she isn’t sure about

  • Realising that she doesn’t need to be self-sufficient and learning to ask for help when she needs it

  • Learning the benefit of bringing more of her personal self into her work and where her strong boundaries/compartmentalizing may not actually be serving her

to get in touch with sophy:

Website: https://www.sophydale.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sophydale327/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sophydalecoaching/

Check out Sophy’s Mastermind groups as well as the Freedom Seekers’ Collective, a community for creative entrepreneurs. .