A chat with Derryn Schmidt, Enneagram Type 3.

In this unedited video I chat to Derryn, a Photographer and the Founder of Hooray Workshops, a local community space to help small business owners grow and flourish. Derryn resonates with Type 3 on the Enneagram and in this discussion, she shares what it’s like living life through the lens of the Competitive Achiever including some of the challenges, some of the insights and some of the lessons she’s learning to help her live life with a little more lightness and ease. (Apologies for the variation in sound quality)


Some interesting observations:

  • Her strong desire to achieve, succeed and always do her best

  • Her tendency to base decision-making on specific goals, targets and outcomes

  • How her competitiveness has served her well in her life, providing her with high motivation and helping her succeed in various areas e.g. competitive sports

  • Her “A-Type” personality that has difficulty seeing a way to be productive and achieve AND also be relaxed and go-with-the-flow

  • The extent to which she feels the “weight” of her decisions - she’s very plugged in to the perceived importance of making the right decision to get her to where she wants to go

  • Her tendency to self-criticism and a strong urge to constantly improve and do better

  • Her impatience with people who aren’t as driven as she is

  • The difficulty she faces in trying to “just be” vs. focusing on specific accomplishments

  • Her tendency to feel “useless” and unsettled in the absence of specific goals or clarity on exactly what she needs to do

  • The immense pressure she puts on herself, which means she doesn’t always find it easy to ask for help

  • Her tendency to move towards passivity and indecisiveness when she’s feeling under stress (moving towards the 9)

  • How a life-time of pushing has finally caught up with her, leaving her feeling exhausted, worn-down and in physical pain

some of derryn’s insights & lessons:

  • The importance of allocating sufficient time for herself, to allow time to think, to FEEL and to reflect on what’s really important to HER

  • Learning to tune into her own needs and desires, outside of what the external markers of success might be

  • Learning to trust her own intuition

  • Learning to use both her head AND her heart in decision-making

  • Learning to trust her self and the natural unfolding of life

  • Learning to move more slowly and “lightly” through life, allowing time for decision-making and giving herself space to think

  • Learning to listen to her body’s natural rhythms and live in alignment with these needs

to get in touch with derryn:

Website: https://hoorayworkshops.co.za

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hoorayworkshops/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hoorayworkshops/