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When it comes to digging deeper into the Enneagram, it’s SO hard to do this alone. We buy a book, we read some online material, maybe even download a podcast or 2, but still we have so many questions. When the information we’ve gained remains at a theoretical level, it can be really hard to integrate it into our lives and to feel the changes that can come from working with it deeply.

That’s why I’ve created a face-to-face group coaching programme - to help you do the deep work of the Enneagram in a supportive and colloborative setting. 

By exploring yourself through the lens of the Enneagram in a small group environment, you get to combine solid theory with focused reflection, discussion, coaching and real-life, practical application. 

You get access to 1:1 mentorship from an Accredited Enneagram coach who can gently guide and challenge you back to your space of truth and awakening.

And you get the support of an intimate, like-minded group of women with whom you can share your expriences and who you know for sure are rooting for you.

The programme has been designed to take place for 3 hours every week for 6 weeks and will cover:


Week 1: Uncovering your belief systems

Week 2: Tapping in to your Truth

Week 3: Making friends with your Instincts

Week 4: Finding ease in your relationships

Week 5: Choosing a different response to your challenges

Week 6: Crafting a vision for your future

As part of the programme, you’ll receive a fully personalised Enneagram report from Integrative Enneagram, and each week we’ll cover a specific topic, with homework exercises and practical application between.

And, to make sure the changes are longer-lasting, each week 1 person will receive a BodyTalk energy alignment session, helping you shift the subconcious beliefs, fears and memories that are stored at a deeper level.


what you’ll come out with:

1. A clear view of your strengths and motivations - so you can learn how to better align your life and your business 

2. An understanding of the belief systems and blindspots that have been holding you back - so that you can learn how to address them rather than be led by them

3. Clarity on the way you tend to make decisions - and learning how to use your head, heart and gut centres for a more balanced approach to moving forward

4. An understanding of your ego’s usual defence mechanism - so you can see your reactions for what they truly are and learn to choose differently

5. An understanding of the other Enneagram styles - so you can develop greater empathy for others and in doing so, learn new ways of responding in relationships

6. Learning how to use the built-in wisdom of the Enneagram to learn specific tools and techniques for your type - and help you address your challenges in a way that are most effective for your type


This programme has a structure, but will also follow the natural flow of the group, making sure that each person is getting what they need and that it applies to your current day challenges.

Cost: R2850 per person for the full 6 weeks


  • 20-page personalised Enneagram report from Integrative Enneagram 

  • Weekly homework tasks and reflection exercises

  • 3 hour face-to-face group sessions every week

  • Access to an optional private FB community for connection and discussion between sessions

  • 1 BodyTalk session - 1 person per week over the course of the full programme (optional)

Note: if you already have your full report from Integrative, this price will be R2350.

Dates: Thursday 23rd May - Thursday 27 June 2019

Times: 9am - 12pm

Location: Ballito, KZN


This programme is suitable for everyone, regarless of your previous experience with the Enneagram. If however, you are brand new, I do recommend you do some preliminary reading as we will not be covering the Enneagram basics. I also recommend a 1:1 debrief in advance of the programme to make sure your typing is correct. 


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