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This programme is an introduction to your unique Enneagram make-up and how you can use it to gain significant personal growth.

Once you’ve explored yourself through the lens of the Enneagram, it’s difficult to go back. Your understanding of yourself, and others, changes, and your awareness opens up to the new choices available to you.


personalised enneagram report:

This 20-page customised report from Integrative Enneagram provides rich insight into your unique Enneagram type, instincts, motivation, blindspot, triggers, communication style and much, much more.

In addition to shining light, it provides helpful tools and techniques to assist you on your personal growth journey.



Each of the 2 sessions are based on an intuitive coaching approach to help address whatever your needs and challenges are at the time:

The 2 sessions cover:

- Insights: to explore your report and understand how various aspects of your make-up are helping you or holding you back

- Application: to explore how you can use the Enneagram as a tool to help navigate your challenges via the lens of your unique personality type

The timing between your 2 calls is usually about 2 weeks, but is flexible depending on your needs.

Jessica helped me explore, accept, and challenge my thoughts and my actions as I connect and re-connect with myself, something I’ve avoided for a long time. Her keen perception clearly communicated to me what I needed to question in order to get comfortable with this new phase in my life
— Tanya Monteiro
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