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I love that this is a multi-layered approach and the insights you brought were transformational. I’m now choosing to change, to drop my limitations and you definitely helped me get to the core of how to do that. I feel lighter, freer and less bound by what was holding me back.
— Deborah Good

personalised enneagram report:

This 20-page customised report from Integrative Enneagram provides rich insight into your unique Enneagram type, instincts, motivation, blindspot, triggers, communication style and much, much more.

In addition to shining light, it provides helpful tools and techniques to assist you on your personal growth journey.



Each of the 3 sessions are based on an intuitive coaching approach to help address whatever your needs and challenges are at the time:

The sessions are 2-3 weeks apart and usually involve:

- Insights: to explore and uncover your drivers, strengths, blindspots & triggers - and how these are helping you or holding you back

- Application: to learn specific tools to navigate your unique personality type - so you can take practical steps towards greater alignment and ease in your life

But are completely personalised to address your needs, incorporating various modalities as appropriate.


As part of this programme you’ll receive 2 distance energy alignment sessions using the BodyTalk system.  

Because our bodies store emotions, experiences and belief systems in the subconscious, it can be difficult to process changes when not addressed at this deeper level. 

When we incorporate energy alignment techniques we’re able to process changes within the subconcious. This means we’re able to release the old habits that no longer serve us, integrate the changes throughout the mindbody complex  and speed up the transformation process.

These sessions are carried out remotely and take place between your coaching calls. You’ll receive a summary of what came up via email and a call to discuss is always available to you.



To support you on this journey, you’ll receive a workbook covering topics such as:

  • Aligning with your Strengths

  • Uncovering your Blocks

  • Your Type in Relationships

  • Core Pressure Points & Triggers

  • Balancing your Energy

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Jess seems to be able to verbalise exactly how I am feeling and I leave with tools that I can apply to my life. I have learned so much about myself and the choices that I make and am able to now more consciously choose what serves me. Jess has helped me to identify what makes me feel light and free versus what I do out of obligation. I love my sessions and look forward to the aha moments and leaving with additional clarity, more equipped to live my life in a way that feels authentic and brings me joy.
— Kristin Tennent



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Jessica has a way of pulling information out of your head that is truly remarkable and I never walked away from one of our sessions without the feeling that I had had several profound AHA moments! The changes that present themselves after this kind of work are not always comfortable or easy but I have come away with a much deeper sense of knowing myself.
— Kelly Pringle