As a small business owner, you ARE your business.

When you feel aligned with yourself, you’re more likely to feel aligned with your business. The belief systems holding you back in your personal life may be holding your business back too. 

Transformation comes from being willing to look at ourselves with a fresh lens:


When we’re able to see what we want, what motivates us and what drives us, we’re more able to live into our strengths and desires. When we’re able to see our fears, triggers and blindspots, we’re more aware of how we’ve been limiting ourselves and what it takes to choose differently.

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the Enneagram


The Enneagram is an archetypal framework that offers a powerful roadmap to personal and professional development. The 9 styles represent the different lenses through which we tend to view the world, and that guide how we think, feel and act. 

Through understanding WHY we behave in the way we do, we’re more able to make conscious choices and build our businesses with greater intent.



An Enneagram journey allows you to explore yourself and the way you show up in your business. You get to:

  • Understand your strengths, drivers and inspiration points so you can start showing up in your business with greater authenticity, alignment and ease.

  • Identify your fears, triggers and blindspots so you can awaken to how you’ve been holding yourself back and start to choose differently.

  • Identify how imbalance/stress shows up for you and the invitation this creates for change.

  • Learn the most effective support mechanisms for your particular type and what you can do to feel both safe and empowered.

  • Learn your unique communication style and what you can do to build more effective relationships.

  • Learn specific tools and techniques for facing daily business challenges through the lens of your type.

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Before working with Jessica I struggled to believe I could create a business that was both sustainable and profitable. Jessica was able to provide a crystal clear path and concrete ways to harness aspects of myself that will continue to serve me for the long term.
— Alauna Whelan (

The Business Alignment Package

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(South African? Contact me for locals only rates)

Thereafter ongoing 1:1 support available via Skype/Zoom: 

  • $120 per 60 minute session

  • $65 per 30 minute session

this programme includes:

  • 40 minute Video Introduction to the Enneagram to provide you with overview of the 9 types

  • 40-page Professional Report from Integrative Enneagram

  • Business Alignment Workbook to help you deep dive into your current patterns to date and reflect on the specific challenges you’re facing now

  • 4 x 60-minute private coaching sessions to:

    • Explore your drivers, strengths, blindspots & triggers and how these are helping you or holding you back in your business

    • Learn specific tools to help your unique type navigate challenges in your business and action the next steps

    • Topics include: How to use your Enneagram Archetype in your business; How to tap into your unique gifts; How to optimise your conflict and interaction styles to improve your business relationships


I loved the personal and customized approach. Yes, you can find free enneagram tests online, but how you get to understand it and apply it to your business and life is another thing; Jessica helps you with that with ease and care. She is down-to-earth and on point. I loved that it was straightforward and practical but still based on intuitive insights and Jessica guided me on how to apply the learnings to my benefit, in biz and life.
— Lidys Garcia - Intuitive Coach


The value for this program is out of this world. Whenever true transformation can occur, you really cannot put a price tag on it. Jessica is 100% committed to her work and it shows!
— KC Rossi, Transformative Business Coach