Darling, you feel heavy because you’re too full of truth. Open your mouth more. Let the truth exist somewhere other than your body
— Della Hicks-Wilson

We’re busy, we’re getting on with it and doing what we can. And we know we have so much to be grateful for. And yet… something feels off. 

We roll our eyes at the word ‘balance but that’s exactly what we’re after. A sense of ease in our lives. A feeling of deep connection with who we are and what we want. The ability to let go of expectations and obligations. 

And permission to finally live life on our own terms. Calm AND inspired. Grounded AND energised. Content AND hungry for more.

I believe that living an uncompromised life comes from knowing ourselves.

Knowing ourselves so well that moment to moment we’re making choices that fit with who we are and what we want.

This means being aware of our strengths. Shining a light on our triggers. Being clear on our boundaries. Intuiting what we need. Seeing through our fears.  And acknowledging the stories we’ve been telling ourselves.


Because when we’re aware of our stories, we’re able change them.

We’re able to put a stop to the repeat messaging. We’re able to use our new insight and understanding to make choices that feel true for us. Maybe not for always, but for where we are right now.

And in the next moment, we get to choose again.

how it works:


The starting point to all our 1:1 work is the Enneagram, a tool that helps us dive headfirst into who you are and where you’re holding yourself back. 

When we explore ourselves through the lens of the Enneagram, we’re invited to take off our habitual glasses and see ourselves as we’ve really been living. We get to understand WHY we behave the way we do,  how we’ve been repeating the same patterns, and how we can make choices that are more aligned to our truth.



This means:

  • We see ourselves and the world with a different perspective

  • We learn what it takes for us to show up as our true selves: aligned, whole-hearted and passionate

  • We no longer live in denial of the aspects of ourselves that hold us back

  • We learn to stop acting out of habit but rather choose to respond with intent

  • We learn how to spot when we’re off balance and how to get back on track to our truth

notebook compass

When we know who we really are, the light and the dark, we’re living in our truth. We’re no longer falling asleep on ourselves. We can let go of what’s holding us back. And we can make choices that feel more aligned

Discovery Programme-3.jpg


  • 20-page Personalised Enneagram Report from Integrative Enneagram

  • 2 x 60-minute private coaching sessions

    • The first session helps you to explore your report and uncover your drivers, strengths, blindspots & triggers - and how these are helping you or holding you back.

    • The second session provides you with practical tools for navigating your current challenges.

  • $220  / R2200

The Enneagram as a tool is incredible, but Jess’ intuition and nuanced approach brought it to life for me. Her gentle, probing questions helped me to go deeper for even better understanding and greater insights. This awareness has shown me how I can handle things differently to make decisions, drive action and be more aligned. I feel so much more empowered!
— Louise Duys-Walker



If you’d like to continue working together after you’ve completed your foundation programme, we’ll design an ongoing programme specifically for your needs. 

Where appropriate we include BodyTalk energetic alignment sessions to help release old memories, emotions and belief systems that have stored in your body at a cellular level and are preventing you from moving forward.

Sessions are 60-90 minutes long and are usually between 2 and 4 weeks apart. Package options very in price - ranging from $90/ R750 for a single 60-minute coaching session to $270/ R2450 for a package of 3 x 90-minute Coaching + BodyTalk sessions.

Face-to-face options and group coaching available for those in the Durban area.


My sessions with Jessica have helped me gain a deeper awareness and understanding of myself and where I am on my journey. Jess is very intuitive and gently guides and prompts you to think out the box and see the bigger picture. Each session brought new insights and many “aha” moments. I feel like my awareness opened, expanded and shifted
— Kate Lawrie


we’re probably a good fit if:

  • You feel a little bit guilty for wanting more for yoursef and your life because you already have so much, so who are you to play even bigger?

  • You find yourself pretending in little ways e.g. keeping quiet when you really have something to say, saying you’re fine when you’re not, holding back certain parts of yourself because it’s easier to keep the peace, not asking for help even though you really need it 

  • You roll your eyes at the word ‘balance’ even though it’s exactly what you’re aiming for - a sense of fulfilment in ALL areas of your life 

  • You want to feel such a sense  of self-worth and personal power that standing your ground and asserting your boundaries comes easily to you

  • You don’t want to apologise for who you are and the choices you make

  • You want to feel comfortable owning the paradox of your desires - that you want to be calm AND inspired, you want to feel grounded AND energised, you want to be content AND hungry for more

  • You feel a little self-indulgent seeking out help and spending time on yourself because surely strong, capable, independent woman should be able to get their shit together on their own? 




  • I don’t follow the coaching rule books, use formulaic approaches or hold back my point of view if I think it will serve you. I openly share knowledge, stories and ideas.

  • I prefer honesty, depth and healthy challenge, rather than superficially skimming the surface or an over-focus on goal-setting.

  • I like to work intuitively, bringing in other tools like breathwork, energy techniques or my understanding of the Mindbody Connection to get beneath the surface of what’s really going on.

  • I don’t take anything too seriously because I believe our biggest learnings can be gained with a little laughter and light-heartedness.


WANT TO find out more?


Knowing your strengths, underlying motivations, pitfalls, and old habits gives you the power to course correct, and to align with your true nature and highest goals
— KC Rossi