Hi, I’m Jessica, an Enneagram Type 7 (Enthusiastic Visionary) who believes in the power of self awareness to bring about change and transformation.


My first school job was in the lingerie section of a big department store, with Bryan Adams playing on repeat (yup...I'm still tortured).

I've worked as a restaurant hostess, waitress, housekeeper, and bar lady. I've done data capture and reception duty and filing... 

And my first career saw me working as a researcher, strategist and consumer insight specialist...for the better part of 16 years. 

So how did I end up here?


There's a story, of course.

But the simple version is that I've always been fascinated with patterns and connections.  Why people behave the way they do, why they make certain choices...and what it would take to change that.

Curiosity. Insight. Connection.  


I am...

  • Obsessed with exploring consciousness and mindbody health and love geeking out on new courses and info.

  • A complete glutton for books and inspiring, conceptual, “I wonder why” conversations.

  • A lover of travel, good coffee, and living near the sea.

  • In my happy place when near the beach, the mountains, or anywhere introvert-friendly.

  • Not very good at doing bored.

  • No longer aiming for perfect – because…well…boring.



 I believe...

  • Everyone has the potential to change - no person or situation is unchangeable, stuck or forever.

  • Honouring ourselves and living in alignment with who we really are is the foundation of personal power.

  • We do have the ability to let go of what isn’t working - the emotions, beliefs or unconscious habits that hold us back.

  • Our bodies are our biggest messengers - and when we tune into this wisdom, we know exactly what we need.

  • Life is a balance of holding on and letting go - knowing when to stand firm in our strength and when to surrender to ease


Jess uses a very multi-layered approach. I love that she uses all her various trainings to offer a really skilled, integrated and multi-faceted approach to insight creation and awareness. I love looking at my blindspots and she is very willing to go there – and go deep, so I get so much from every single session
— Deborah Good

I am not your typical coach:

  • I don’t follow the coaching rule books, use formulaic approaches or hold back my point of view. If I think it will serve you, I openly share knowledge, stories and ideas.

  • I like to work intuitively, bringing in other tools like breathwork, energy techniques or my understanding of the Mindbody Connection to get beneath the surface of what’s really going on.

  • I don’t take anything too seriously because I believe our biggest learnings can be gained with a little laughter and light-heartedness.

You’ll love working with me if:

  • You’re ready for a different perspective and a fresh level of insight.

  • You enjoy honesty, depth and being gently challenged.

  • You’re comfortable working outside of strict structure and are open to a more intuitive approach.

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