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  • Wisdom and Wellness

    The Quest for Always Happy – is it wrong to feel otherwise?
    18 September 2017, Monday

    I’ve noticed a weird thing that happens from time to time. I wake up feeling off, nothing major, just a little niggle of ickiness. Maybe it’s a bit of melancholy. Perhaps it’s a minor annoyance. …

    Self-improvement or self sabotage? When are we finally ok?
    27 June 2017, Tuesday

    Many years ago my sister said something that surprised me. She looked at me with concern and said, “I don’t know why you keep doing all these courses. You’re already great. You don’t have to …

    Maybe you’re not depressed. Maybe you’re bored
    1 June 2017, Thursday

    The feeling of depression can be debilitating. It’s heavy, it’s lethargic and it makes you feel as if nothing will ever be good again. It can creep up unexpectedly and overwhelm everything. You know going …

    What happens when you admit you’re not perfect?
    2 May 2017, Tuesday

    As we walked into my grandparents house, my mom was ranting about something. Or telling a funny story. I can’t really remember the details. All I know is that my grandpa was horrified. “Heather!” he …

    The things I learned from living in a shack
    24 March 2017, Friday

    Last week I was invited to attend a workshop to explore the work of Brene Brown’s work, The Daring Way. Already very familiar with her work, I knew I was in for something deep, personal, …

    We need to talk about the size of your thighs
    14 March 2017, Tuesday

    “Mother Theresa wasn’t worried about the size of her thighs. She had shit to do.” Don’t you just love that? Because we all have shit to do. We all have amazing, creative, incredible, talented, interesting, …

    Speaking up – the things you don’t want to say
    13 February 2017, Monday

    What is it about us humans that finds speaking up so difficult? Why is it that the very thing that can bring us out of our sticky muddy waters and finally move us forward, is the …

    What are you hungry for? Choosing Desire over Deprivation
    17 January 2017, Tuesday

    January feels like a fresh start. It’s a chance to rethink our lives and make changes. To think about what we’re truly hungry for and what we would like to do differently. It can be a …

    It’s ok if you’re not a fan of the festive season
    19 December 2016, Monday

    It’s a weird time of year. Let’s be honest. We have this romantic notion that the festive season is a non-stop time of jolliness and ribbons. We see visions of people clinking their champaign glasses, …

    What do you really really want?
    22 November 2016, Tuesday

    Several years ago a (not very serious) boyfriend asked me a question: “What do you want?” Woooah. Big question. He meant it in reference to our relationship and where we were going, but I dismissed it …