• Coming Home – A Workbook for Reconnecting & Realigning with Self

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  • Praise

    I was surprised, touched and actually quite moved with the tenderness Jessica displayed during our times together. There was a definite authority in the information she shared and yet such a sense of gentleness in her manner and the way she conducted the sessions.

    Jessica has a way of pulling information out of your head that is truly remarkable and I never walked away from one of our sessions without the feeling that I had had several profound AHA moments!

    During the course of the program, I also participated in the Desire Map workshop with Jess which was focused on designing your life around how you want to feel, and finding the words that best describe that. It was deeply insightful and has allowed me to look at my life and the way I live it in a very different and more supportive way.

    The changes that present themselves after this kind of work are not always comfortable or easy but I have come away with a much deeper sense of knowing myself and I look forward to unravelling and unlocking even more as the days go by.

    Jess - thank you, thank you, thank you, for your support and friendship and for allowing me this incredible opportunity - it has truly changed my world in the most amazing way x

    Kelly-Anne Pringle, Ballito

    A friend suggested I try sessions with Jess and I was pretty skeptical at first, but did however have the attitude “hey what have I got to lose”. I had no idea what I was in for. I haven’t looked back. I want to thank Jess for her calming, intuitive and healing approach, she is really able to get to the root of the problem. She brings such clarity to my thinking and has helped me hugely in gaining more self- confidence, tolerance, and generally a more positive outlook, which I had seemed to lose after the loss of my son. The moment I feel unsteady and rattled I go back to receive more wonderful healing. Thanks again Jess, for your powerful sessions and for guiding me and ‘ exposing’ me to a more well balanced and fruitful way of life. I will always be truly grateful to you.

    Tess Heenan, Ballito

    Jess seems to be able to verbalise exactly how I am feeling and I leave with tools that I can apply to my life. I have learned so much about myself and the choices that I make and am able to now more consciously choose what serves me.

    As a working mom I often feel as if the constant juggle leaves me drained and exhausted. Jess has helped me to identify what makes me feel light and free versus what I do out of obligation. I've also realised that by taking this time with Jess to look after myself, reconsider and reset, I am able to be a better mom, wife and employee and a happier, healthier and less anxious person in general. If it serves me, it serves everyone around me.

    I love my sessions and look forward to the aha moments and leaving with additional clarity, more equipped to live my life in a way that feels authentic and brings me joy.

    Kristin Tennent, Ballito

    I have experienced trauma in my life and undergone intense counselling as a result, however I always felt there was more for me to work with than just my conscious emotional state on any given day. When I met Jess I became acutely aware of how our subconscious plays an incredibly powerful role in our health and wellbeing.
    I have found that the combination of talking through your conscious emotions, together with the work Jess does on your subconscious, is undoubtedly the best holistic approach to gaining a better understanding of yourself.

    Jess has a wonderful empathy which instantly makes you feel understood and at ease in her company.

    Lucy Holmes, Ballito

    When I first met Jess there was just an instant calm being in her presence and in her space- a warm, welcoming calm. Meeting with Jess has really brought about a sense of calm and clarity to my life. She has helped me by opening my world to seeing different perspectives and how just changing the way you look at something can change how you feel. Her sense of intuition is just astounding and always spot on. I feel that my sessions with Jess are teaching me more about me and my emotions. I always look forward to my sessions with Jess and the peace and calm that come along with them. Thank you Jess!

    Deanne Allen, Ballito

    Jess is great! She has a huge curiosity about people and has a clear and considered way of approaching problems. She is compassionate and also insightful. I found the tools that she provides very useful for gaining perspective on the everyday problems of life that can seem so difficult to overcome. I have gained so much and feel so much happier.

    Michael Papageorge, Ballito

    I came for my session because of the extreme stress I was feeling. I experienced calm and relaxation directly after the therapy. My thoughts become clear and crisp, with less anxiety towards what the rest of the day had in store. I was surprised by just how deep the relaxation was during therapy. Very calming.

    Since then, I have found that less stress certainly equals stronger more positive relationships for me. I find I’m more tolerant. I’ve also learned that calm and relaxation can be found at home and that I don't need to go anywhere else, or do anything else away from home, to help give me this same affect.

    I feel Jessica's level of expertise in her trade as well as her passion for what she does, means she gives me undivided, professional attention to my needs. When you're seeing someone for healing purposes, knowledge must combine with passion to give you the best results, and I find Jessica's practice does this for me.

    Michelle Lewis, Salt Rock

    Sessions with Jess has been a real game changer for me, both personally and professionally. When I first visited Jess, I was full of stress and anxiety related to work and family. My shoulders were up to my ears, and I felt mentally and physically exhausted by my state of being. I didn’t understand how she did it, but after that first session i felt oddly calm, shoulders and neck less tense and my work-related symptoms of anxiety lessened greatly. After seeing her for a few sessions, I also started to notice my husband relaxing and changing the way we interacted, even though he had never been himself. Jess explained that our families can also be positively impacted by the Body Talk sessions I have, like a ripple effect. I have also brought my child who was suffering greatly from stomach-related pains. After seeking medical treatment and trying all sorts of pharmaceuticals with no change, Body Talk had an amazing result of eradicating this problem using non-invasive and non-medicinal measures. I now look forward to my regular visits with Jess before any crises arise, just as a way to check in with my state of being and maintain this sense of calm and clarity that Body Talk has gifted to me.

    Saya Pitham, Ballito

    When someone said try it, I was totally skeptical! I had no clue what I was about to embark on: body balancing, energies, health, the power of the body and the subconscious...what is all that?

    But in literally 3 short months MY LIFE HAS CHANGED. From divorce, extreme health damage and high stress levels as a business owner to being a single mom, this process has centered me, given me energy, and given me back my positive outlook, my belief and my love for life.

    I knew I had to give back to myself and I knew there would be some work input from my side but hey if you want to heal then isn’t that the route you go? And this route was life changing!

    I’m now in the process of writing a 12 month journal of my life all because of what Jess has been able to achieve with me. This is the "wand of miracles" and I’m converted forever. My entire family has seen the difference in who I have become, and its all from within with the professional and caring hands of Jess.

    Changed forever, Mags Westerhof

    Mags Westerhof, Ballito

    I have been privileged to have had sessions with Jessica and I am always amazed at what comes up. Jess is very intuitive and always manages to pinpoint exactly what is going on. Last week was a particularly stressful week as I had some decisions to make. I managed to turn myself inside out and ended up in one big knot of anxiety! Enter Jess! This time I had a distant session with Jess and the timing could not have been more perfect. Jess was like a guardian angel sent to calm me down and remind me to put my trust in something bigger than myself. As always the session was spot on and the next day I was calm, clear headed and the decisions came easily, almost like they were already made for me. Thank you Jess.

    Kate Lawrie, CBP, Durban North

    Jessica is undoubtedly gifted with natural healing capabilities. Every session I have attended has left me at peace and many times I have gone there with very sore joints and lack of range of motion and after a session I am vastly improved and this continues.

    Her empathy with clients is incredible. Jessica is caring and thoughtful and always very gently coaxes all the information she needs in order for each session to be a success.

    Her demeanour at all times is professional yet always friendly and her studio is blissfully calming and aesthetically very beautiful.

    Jessica is clearly passionate about her business and helping her clients. Her enthusiasm for health and wellness is refreshing. She isn’t out to make a “quick buck” -she honestly wants to make a difference in people’s lives.

    Lorraine Petterson, Durban North

    Every time I come visit Durban from the USA, I make an appointment with Jessica. Even when there's not anything specifically top of mind to address. I find that something always comes up on a much deeper level that validates certain feelings or experiences, and provides a benchmark for awareness, balance and re-calibrating. Life feels lighter and calmer after our sessions and I feel a more conscious connection to certain areas in my life. Jessica is insightful and very in tune with her Clients.

    Kennedy Zakeer, Minnesota, USA

    Jessica is a very inspiring and supportive coach. She works with you in a holistic fashion seeking to understand the broader context in which you are functioning and to help you understand how all these pieces fit together and impact on your overall health and health choices. While being very firm and ensuring that any goals set are carefully articulated and realistic, she is also very good at helping you to work through pitfalls that you may have encountered and at guiding you to recognize what you have achieved even in the weeks where you are rather swamped by your “failures”. I would highly recommend working with Jessica to anyone wanting to achieve a sustained shift in their approach to healthy living.

    Catherine Read-Fletcher, Durban North

    When I first heard about BodyTalk, I was skeptical and very naive about what it was all about.  In fact, I still am a little naive about just what it is that Jess does. But what I do know, is that it works and I keep going back for more. I have been seeing Jess for the past 14 months, and I can say with complete confidence that the shifts that I have observed after our numerous sessions have been utterly amazing. I attend sessions in a personal capacity and I have surrogate sessions for my two daughters. I have seen Jess for a range of grievances, ranging from my own personal issues, to my daughter Rosie’s life threatening heart condition, to dealing with the girls sleep training issues, to both Lily and Rosie’s emotional issues etc.

    The results have always been utterly astounding.  Each session for me personally is like a counselling session from deep within.  I usually feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I notice that I react differently with others too, always in a positive manner.  I have observed the same results with my two children.  

    Jess is a humble, energetic, highly skilled and knowledgeable person.  She is full of integrity and a person I have an enormous amount of respect for.  All this makes for an excellent practitioner.

    Lara Booyens, Ballito

    After going through an extremely hard and emotional year, a friend suggested I try sessions with Jessica. Not really knowing what to expect and thinking I was coping well at the time, I thought, why not?

    Before my first session I was completely overwhelmed by the anxiety and stress which  I had been masking and not dealing with. I walked away feeling lighter and more in tune with what was going on around me. Each session has bought clarity in different areas of my life which I am extremely grateful for.

    Kerry Campbell, Durban North

    After struggling with fatigue and general health concerns for several years, I was referred to Jessica by a colleague of mine. I found Jessica to be very compassionate, gentle and very knowledgeable in her field. It was pleasing and comforting to note her excellent understanding of my problems and how to pinpoint my treatment. The subsequent sessions were very accurate and I found them to be extremely effective in relieving my problems, and hence I have had very good result. Thank-you Jessica. I would not have had the health, insight and progress in such a short space of time if it had not been for you.

    Nellie Snow, Kinesiologist, Ballito

    I have been seeing Jess for a range of issues from work related stress to eczema and every session has proved invaluable.

    Jess starts where mainstream health care seems to stop: she gets to know the whole person behind the symptoms and by the end of the session it feels like she has taken an accurate reading of exactly where you are at any point in time.

    To compliment her Body Talk work she can offer amazing life advice as she has been around the block in both the corporate world and world travel.

    Do yourself a favour and book a session today!

    Patrick Carmody, Ballito

    Jess is amazing and I can't thank her enough for all she has helped us with in our lives. My outlook on life is better, I feel happier, more positive and more peaceful. I definitely think everyone should experience BodyTalk. I can't wait for my next sessions and neither can my kids!

    Jo Blackmore, Ballito

    Intuitive, challenging, playful and motivating …. These are just a few words to describe Jess. I’ve been running my own research agency for 12 years and recently embarked on a journey with Jess to take my business skills to the next level. Jess’s approach is refreshing, non-threatening, insightful and well-paced. I’m loving the experience and the results are already beginning to show.

    Linda Kuiper, Hillcrest

    I love BodyTalk and sessions with Jessica are especially amazing! She is an amazingly powerful practitioner who in the sessions I’ve had with her always seems to get right at the root of my issue to bring clarity and balance back into my life.  I always love our Skype meetings as well! This is powerful work that as a professional ballet dancer I find invaluable, after sessions my body feels freed up and my actual balance improved.  

    Thanks Jessica!

    Emily Anton, New York, USA

    I went to see Jessica due to chronic anxiety and rheumatoid illnesses and whilst I am in the full time care of a rheumatologist, I thought I would try some more alternative healing mechanisms. Jessica has a very peaceful and comforting presence and ascertains the root of the problem. Often her diagnosis is founded upon deep-rooted historical issues in one’s subconscious that have been masked by years and layers and layers of coping mechanisms. I felt at ease from my first session and gained insight into certain blockages that were causing me physical and mental discomfort.

    By the time my third session came around, despite my rheumatoid factor not having changed and despite the same stresses existing in my everyday life, I definitely felt I had gained control of my emotions and how I let external pressures impact my well being. After each session, I had what can only be described as an Exhale moment.

    Kristin van Niekerk, Johannesburg

    Jessica was recommended to me by a friend and I had such fast and effective results from working with Jessica I was amazed. 

    I went to see Jessica for stress related issues, and it was amazing what she could "see" about me that I didn't even have to tell her. In a series of questions she "asks" the body, your body answers her and helps to heal you.

    I had a terrible habit of pulling out my hair (trichotillomania) when stressed. Jessica helped heal this almost immediately and to date, it is almost completely cured.

    Not only is this non-invasive process extremely relaxing, Jessica has a wealth of knowledge and is extremely professional.

    If you are tired of taking expensive drugs prescribed by doctors that only treat the symptoms and not the cause, then I highly recommend this marvelous BodyTalk system and see the results for yourself. 

    You will not be disappointed.

    Thank you Jessica.

    Jenna Crilly, Ballito

    I had had major surgery in the orbit of the eye. I went to Jessica after about 2 months with a very swollen eye. After working on my Lymph drainage and releasing fear & stress harboured inside, I left feeling like a new person. The following morning when I awoke the swelling below my eye had totally disappeared.

    I have to say there is something un-explainable about Body Talk! I don’t know how it works but it most definitely does.

    Anonymous, Ballito

    I was unsure of what to expect out of my first session. It took me completely by surprise how powerful my body’s response was in the session and after. It took me a few days to deal with what the practitioner picked up, I had to allow myself to go through these emotions and once I had, I felt quite refreshed, the results were also evident by my work colleagues when they told me that my energy was completely different in a very positive way.

    Everyone can benefit from this practice and I am really looking forward to my next session.

    Jemma Ross, La Lucia

    Working with Jessica was fantastic! I learned about hidden sugars that I never knew about before and got a real eye opener into healthy foods. The programme she shared was versatile and allowed me to make a sustainable lifestyle change and more than that, gave me a big confidence boost in knowing my worth in life.

    Being in a group was helpful and the ladies’ stories were all so touching. Jessica was an excellent motivator. She gave exceptional guidance, was encouraging and knowledgeable. I felt very motivated to achieve my goals. My weight has dropped, my skin is glowing and more hydrated and I love how confident I am feeling!

    Karen Henwood, Berea

    Guess what? No headaches this month! For the first time in 10 years!!! And the reason this is so incredible is because I have been under a lot of stress this month, which should’ve triggered the migraine but it didn’t.

    I’m also starting to feel more in control of my mind/thoughts. There is definitely a change and I can’t wait for my next session!

    Elani Faulds, Ballito

    Jessica is an extremely gifted practitioner.

    She listens intently and gets to the core of what you are dealing with, with astonishing accuracy and insight.

    Age-old issues are brought to the surface and dispersed, never to be seen again.

    Huge shifts, HUGE! 

    I'm very grateful, thank you Jess.

    Deborah Good, Mount Edgecombe

    My daughter was turning 8 and she wet her bed every night. It was so bad that I still put nappies on her at night. It was humiliating. We had tried both alternate and main stream meds without any joy. I was desperate to say the least.

    We tried Body Talk: there was no change at first, after the first session, but after about a week, she seemed to be drier in the morning. She went for her second session after about 3 weeks, and it was as if Jessica had hit a switch, from that very day onwards - DRY!

    Anonymous, Ballito

    At first, honestly I was quite skeptical about BodyTalk, especially as I'm in the medical field and thought this was against everything I do everyday. But I thought after so many ailments, both physical and emotional, I'd give it a try.

    I suffer from cold sores all the time. Every week one would pop up just as the other went. I have been on endless medication chronically but with no joy. It's an embarrassing problem that started to affect me emotionally as well. After just one session of BodyTalk, my cold sores stopped coming. After a month, I went back to Jess in complete utter shock with my good news! 3 months later, STILL no sores. Along with this, BodyTalk has helped my emotional state as well and helped me realise what an effect my emotions play on my body. I think everyone and anyone would benefit from BodyTalk. Every single session you get something new out of. It's life changing.

    Julie Christie, Westbrook Beach

    My Psychology of Eating sessions with Jessica were most insightful and helped me to gain a deeper awareness and understanding of my relationship with food and where I am on my journey.

    Jess is very intuitive and gently guides and prompts you to think out the box and see the bigger picture. Going into the program I thought I would be given an eating plan and told what I could and could not eat. It was nothing like I thought but so much more! Each session brought new insights and many "aha" moments. I feel like my awareness opened, expanded and shifted and after two weeks it literally felt like I was shedding emotional baggage!

    During my six weeks with Jessica I started to be kinder to myself, I found myself naturally making healthier choices, I started writing a business plan which I had been putting off for ages, I managed to write three blog posts and I even entered and ran a 10km race (which I had never ever done!).

    I would definitely recommend Jessica to anyone who is feeling a bit stuck and needs a helping hand to guide them along their path, the psychology of eating is about so much more than just food.

    Kate Lawrie, CBP

    Before I started working with Jessica I was just eating as I planned and really battling with craving – specifically sugar cravings. Also, I was often feeling quite hungry. I thought this was going to be ‘just another diet’.

    The programme was eye opening. I knew about blood sugar and GI, but not about GL and how by managing one’s GL intake you could manage your cravings. It was really eye opening, and I was amazed that it actually worked. My cravings reduced, I felt more full and satisfied - and lost weight!

    Jessica was excellent - patient, very gracious, and encouraging and I would definitely recommend working with her – she was wonderful!

    Anthea Dallimore, Durban North

    Jessica helped me with pain management and recovery from a huge shoulder reconstruction surgery. I saw huge changes in my injury recovery and the rehab took 6 months instead of the 13 months expected by the surgeon. In addition, I suffered from anxiety and stress-related issues with my business and its operation, and BodyTalk helped me overcome a lot of the side effects. I saw major improvement in my stress and anxiety and changes in my relationships, especially in letting go of the unwanted!

    Jess is a consummate professional. She comes from a strong corporate background with lots of international experience. She is passionate about what she does and I have no hesitation in referring her to anyone that has a desire to improve on anything they feel they need help with. BT is a wonder to behold and Jessica is the most amazing practitioner.

    Sean Temple, Ballito

    My weight has gone down effortlessly, as well as my body fat! My moods are better, I have increased energy and the whole family is benefiting from this plan.

    Zelma Schotter, Ballito