• Coming Home – A Workbook for Reconnecting & Realigning with Self

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  • About Me

    Personal Health Coach Durban

    • I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Science, which is kind of funny when I’d actually make a better teacher, photographer or writer.
    • I’ve done the corporate thing, managed regional teams and traveled all over the world. So I know what stress can do to you.
    • I’ve experienced chronic eczema, pneumonia, anxiety and shingles. So I’ve felt what happens to the body when you don’t live in your truth.
    • I’ve dealt with loss. So I’ve learned the importance of letting go.
    • I’ve realised that my body needs movement. So I exercise to keep a handle on my moods.
    • I’ve noticed the impact of food on my emotions. So I nourish my body with the good stuff. No restriction or obsessiveness, just nurture and joy.
    • I’ve been studying consciousness and mindbody health for nearly 20 years, and am a self-confessed junkie for every new piece of research I stumble across.
    • I’ve given up on being “Little Miss Perfect” – getting straight A’s and seeking the perfect body can only take you so far, before you start yearning for something else. Besides, I find I am a lot nicer to be around when every now and then I just eat the damned cake!

    My Story

    Like a lot of women, I spent many years seeking perfection – getting the “right” grades, studying the “right” degree, working for the “right” multi-national. Without even realizing it, I was holding myself back from so much because I was always worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it perfectly.

    My life seemed great, and it was in so many ways, but something felt amiss and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I had everything to be grateful for and yet something felt off. I knew there had to be more to life than what seemed to be good on the surface.

    The result of not knowing was a numbing out of sorts. I coped by remaining in the world of logic and analysis, somewhat removed from how I really felt. I excelled at running away from discomfort and became an expert at pushing emotion aside. Because strong women don’t have time for that, do they?

    And yet at the same time, there was still this yearning for something more. And so followed a decade of ping-ponging between extremes: wild partying vs. rigid detoxes; left-brained corporate vs. intuitive healing retreats. No one else was asking anything of me and yet I always felt that I needed to learn more and do more and become more in order to be enough: this book will unlock something, that retreat will give me the answer…this practitioner, that diet. And despite all this exploring I remained safely in the world of disconnect – closed off and unemotional.

    I can smile at myself now. I can see that all of it was really an attempt to simply figure out who I was, what I really wanted…and to live a life based on that. I just took the long road.

    Things are different now. I feel fully plugged in to my needs and desires. I place high value on authenticity and inner alignment. I’m more forgiving of myself when I screw up. I allow myself to feel the messy emotions. I’m learning that it’s ok to get angry and that it’s ok to not have the perfect body and that actually, it’s all ok. Always.

    My shift wasn’t a single moment and I didn’t have one of those “before” and “after” epiphanies that we often read about. But what I have learned is this:

    • I’ve learned to listen to my body and honour the messages it gives me
    • I’ve learned to let go of perfection and lighten up on myself
    • I’ve learned to own and embrace my own needs and desires
    • I’ve learned what specific things I need to do to keep my anxiety at bay
    • I’ve learned what it means to be vulnerable and scared, but to show up anyway
    • I’ve learned what fills me up and drains me
    • I’ve learned to say yes to myself, even if it means saying no to another
    • I’ve learned to know my truth and speak my truth so my choices are always in alignment with who I am
    • And most importantly, I’ve learned to let go. For the simple reason that it was too tiring to carry it.

    I know how it feels to be anxious, disconnected from yourself and to yearn for something more. And I also know how wonderful and freeing it is to live a different, lighter way.

    I love the moment when someone’s perspective shifts and an insight lands. I love being part of helping someone create another reality, make a different choice and live a different life.

    This is why I do what I do.

    I bring:

    • Insight – I’m able to read between the lines and make connections. Over 15 years working in the field of Consumer Insights means I’m able to see links, identify patterns and extract nuggets.
    • Depth – Because of my training in BodyTalk and other energetic modalities, I can help you uncover the sub-conscious beliefs you didn’t even know you had. And that’s when real change can happen.
    • Honesty – I’m straight-talking and direct. I believe in saying things as they really are and shining the truth when it’s needed.
    • Lightness – I don’t take anything too seriously and believe that our biggest learnings can often be gained through a little laughter and light-heartedness


    Before my first session I was completely overwhelmed by the anxiety and stress which I had been masking and not dealing with. I walked away feeling lighter and more in tune with what was going on around me. Each session has bought clarity in different areas of my life which I am extremely grateful for.

    Kerry Campbell, Durban North