• Coming Home – A Workbook for Reconnecting & Realigning with Self

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  • Free Audio Learnings for Calm & Joy

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    I’ve created these learning topics to help on your journey to more calm and joy. Because sometimes we just need to add one simple practice to our daily routine to start feeling lighter straight away.

    My aim here is to share some quick and easy tools to help you on your journey to wellness. They’re the topics that have made the most difference to my clients over the years.

    Make sure to check in from time to time. I’ll be adding to these over the next few months!

    1.  What’s really happening in the body when we’re “just” stressed?

    We talk about stress being the cause of our complaints, but what does this REALLY mean for the body? What is the physiological response that’s taking place that explains why we’re feeling the way we do?

    2.  How to use the breath to get out of stress response

    Breathwork is my number one go-tool technique for getting the body out of stress response and into relaxation response. Listen to this audio to find out why it works and learn a simple breathing technique you can start using straight away.

    3. How to use journaling for anxiety and overwhelm

    Learn how the simple practice of journaling can help release anxiety, clarify thoughts and settle your emotions