• Coming Home – A Workbook for Reconnecting & Realigning with Self

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  • FAQs

    What can I expect during my session?
    You will be sent an input form in advance and your session will then be carried out Face-to-Face or via Skype. The session will be talk-based, focusing on the key priority areas in your life right now. I will also bring in whatever tools are relevant to your situation at the moment, including, for example, BodyTalk, a technique that allows us to get into the sub-conscious elements that require balancing.
    Is this like counseling?
    I am not a psychologist, but I do provide a kind of therapy. Whilst I don’t believe in reaffirming past thoughts or deepening those neurological pathways, I do believe in the healing power of being heard. The talk part of the session is the most critical but it’s about the future as much as it is about the past. Think of it more as guidance: it’s about bringing issues to your conscious mind, raising awareness and gaining insight so that you can consciously make changes in your life. The additional tools I bring in are about going deeper and moving beyond the conscious mind’s response.
    Do we have to delve into the past…again?!
    Some clients don’t feel like rehashing the past, and they certainly don’t have to. This may be necessary when the past is holding us back from where we want to go, but essentially this work is about looking at the now and looking towards the future.
    How long does a session take?
    Sessions are one hour. Often the entire session will be coaching/guidance, based, but where necessary, the last 15 minutes may be allocated to energetic balancing tools such as BodyTalk. I listen to what your body needs at that particular point in time.
    Is the energetic component safe if I am pregnant?
    BodyTalk and all the complementary modalities I use are 100% safe for pregnant women, children and the elderly. The techniques are gentle and non-invasive and work with whatever the body is dealing with at the time. In the case of pregnancy, it’s a wonderful way to bring about the relaxation response for both mama and bambino. (Click here for more on how BodyTalk can help)
    Will the energetic component work if I am on chronic medication?
    BodyTalk and all the modalities I use are designed to work with your body in whatever condition it is in at the moment. In this way, it will provide your body with the best support possible, including pre and postoperative care. Whilst many clients choose to decrease their medications over time, this is not a requirement, nor something I would advise for or against.
    Do you work with kids?
    I’ve chosen to focus my energy in the area I can have the most impact – and that’s working with women in the capacity of coach. If you’re looking for pure BodyTalk sessions for your kids, I can refer you to a great practitioner in the area

    Is this linked to a spiritual belief system?
     The results of my approach are completely independent of specific spiritual or religious belief systems. I work with people of all cultural and religious backgrounds and encourage people to pursue a path that works best for them. Personally, I do believe that finding meaning and connection in one’s life is an important contributor to overall wellness. Whether you find this through Mosque, Meditation or Mountaineering, it is your personal choice.
    How quickly can I expect results?
    I wish I could give you an exact time, but every person is completely different and the layers beneath what they are dealing with are different too. Most people will notice a change of sorts after a single session, but will start to experience more significant shifts after three to five sessions. That’s why I suggest ongoing work. The more you scrub, the cleaner you will get.
    How often do I need to come?
    I use muscle testing at the end of each session to determine the appropriate timing for a follow up. In certain situations, a follow up may be required within a shorter period. Sometimes five or six weeks are needed for the body to fully integrate the changes. To get the most out of your sessions and to keep the momentum going, I would recommend you book your initial 4 sessions every 2-4 weeks. This allows us to move beyond “crisis management” and to experience real changes. Thereafter, for overall maintenance you can book as you personally feel the need. I personally commit to self-care every 4-6 weeks to make sure that I am always able to stay in my happy place.
    How many sessions will I need?
    For how many years have you been living like this? How many layers are we dealing with? Long-standing habits and conditions can take time, and yet at the same time, dramatic changes can be experienced within one or two sessions. I recommend a minimum of 4 to see significant improvement in your wellbeing. And thereafter, to experience ongoing quality of life, aim for a session every four to six weeks. My belief is that I would rather keep the momentum going than wait for things to fall apart!
    Isn’t this a bit of a luxury?
    If your life absolutely rocks and you feel you are living the best life you possibly can, carry on doing whatever it is you are doing, you lucky gal! Most of us however, are not quite there. If you have a massive medical aid programme funding your endless visits to the doctor, the chiropractor, the psychologist, and paying for all those headache tablets – sure, carry on doing that. But I know that you know better. Being happy and healthy isn’t a luxury, it’s a right. We have one life, and I don’t know about you, but I want mine to be bloody marvellous!
    Are there any side effects of the energetic component?
    Nope! Some people can feel a little tired or “out of it” directly after a session when energetic techniques are used. In rare cases, the couple of days after the session can feel a bit off. But then the fog lifts and a dramatic change is experienced. In most cases however, the shift is felt almost immediately. Just make sure to drink lots of water to help integrate the changes in your system.
    How do you do the BodyTalk part of the session when I’m not in the same room?
    Once I’m “tuned in, I use my own arm to carry out the muscle testing. I get the same responses on my own arm as I would if i was using yours. Amazing isn’t it?
    Do the skype sessions work as well as face-to-face?
    Personally, my ability to connect remotely is sometimes even more effective! I prepare well for the session and I’m able to concentrate and tune-in really deeply. For those people who’ve made the transition from face-to-face, they’re loving the convenience of not having to drive to my office, of being able to continue with their sessions when traveling or when “life happens” and the added time flexibility outside of standard office hours I’m now able to offer.
    How does the energetic side of it all work?
    As an ex-corporate, ‘pride-myself-in-being-rational’ researcher, this is where my personal journey has been massive. I have learned a major lesson in humility i.e. just because I don’t understand something, doesn’t mean it’s not true. Just because my tiny brain can’t comprehend it, doesn’t mean it isn’t so. I could try go into a lesson in quantum physics, but would rather say this: It’s bigger than us – let the results speak for themselves. Still curious? Click here for more on the science.
    What if I’m not satisfied? Can I get my money back?
    I have a good understanding of the body and mind, but I don’t know yours so I don’t know how it will react to the sessions. What I can tell you is this: I’m pretty confident that after even your first session you will feel something shift. Three to four sessions will guarantee you a change – it just may not always be in the area you expect (warning: treatment may result in improved relationships). Sometimes there is some unanticipated gunk that needs to be sifted before we can get to what’s really eating you. So no, you won’t get your money back. But I don’t think you’ll need to ask.