• Coming Home – A Workbook for Reconnecting & Realigning with Self

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  • Introduction to the Enneagram


    That’s the word I hear most frequently when working with the Enneagram for the first time.

    Relief at finally understanding why we think, feel and behave in the way we do.


    The Enneagram is an archetypal framework that offers a powerful roadmap to personal development. The 9 styles represent the lens through which we tend to view the world, and that guide how we think, feel and act.

    In this introductory workshop, we look at the Enneagram as a tool for self-awareness. We shine a light on how we’re showing up in the world and where we’re perhaps on auto-pilot.

    We see how our resonance with a particular type shows up in its light, and also in its dark. And we start looking at how we can begin inviting in healthier alternatives.

    The Enneagram is a complex system! We could spend days and days exploring it and still have lots to discuss! In this introductory workshop we look at:

    • An understanding of all 9 types and what’s motivating the way they show up in the world
    • A deep dive into your specific type, its strengths, blindspots and underlying fears
    • A taster of how we can start working with the Enneagram as a way to navigate through life’s challenges

    Drop me an email at hello@jessicauys.com if you’d like to join the next workshop. Or gather a group of 6-8 and I’ll be happy to run one for you.

    Where: Salt Rock, KZN

    When: 10 March 2018

    Time: 9am – 3:30pm

    Cost: R940

    (includes lunch, workbook & journal)

    “What a lovely way to spend a beautiful Saturday. The workshop was a wonderful way to look at using all your strengths and weaknesses to be the best possible version of yourself”  Bernadette Parr

    “A very helpful, informative, workshop to assist in a greater understanding of the enneagram types and how using the lines can help in problem solving”

    “Once again Jess has pulled together a day of beautiful and gentle reflection into who we are and what motivates us. Her insights, examples and ability to tell a story has made the workshop light, deeply engaging and hugely enjoyable”  Louise Duys Walker

    “A really useful workshop to get a taste of what the Enneagram is all about, but feel may just have seen the tip of the iceberg!”  Bronwyn Cawood

    “A great process to get to our real motivation of why we do or do not do things, very eye-opening, a lot of a-ha moments. Relaxed environment and good conversational style”

    “I loved being amongst other like-minded women and hearing the stories from everyone else to bring the types to life in human form”

    Very thought-provoking! I now have an understanding of why I do certain things! The workshop gave me tools to help me work on areas I know need adjusting and I feel inspired to find out more!

    Bernadette Parr, Durban