• Coming Home – A Workbook for Reconnecting & Realigning with Self

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  • Desire Map Workshop

    I am so in love with the work of Danielle La Porte that I’ve started helping small groups work through her kick-ass book “The Desire Map”.

    This is about knowing what you DESIRE, what you’re truly hungry for. Because if you know that, it’s game on from there.

    I no longer work with resolutions. I don’t set “cast in stone” goals based on obligation or duty. Now that I know how I want to FEEL, I set goals that only align with these feelings. When I’m connected with how I really want to feel, I make better choices. My decisions are aligned with my desires. My whole life starts feeling that much more intentional…and with that, more joyful.

    My words for 2018 are CONNECTED | PLAYFUL | ALIVE | INSPIRED and they feel so damn good!  

    If you’d like to find your words, my half day workshop will help you do just that. Combining conscious breathwork with soulful reflection, we’ll look at our lives across 5 key areas and tune in to how we really want to feel. 

    Drop me an email at hello@jessicauys.com if you’d like to join the January workshop.  OR contact misha@yogarocks.co.za to book your spot.

    (The next workshop will be in June)

    Where: Yoga Rocks, Glenashley, Durban

    When: 20 January 2018

    Time: 1pm – 5pm


    “I am using my words and I’m finding it so lovely to refer to them when I’m faced with tricky decisions. If I’ve got my words at the back of my mind guiding me towards them or away from them when making a call on engaging with something, it makes for a far more authentic decision”  Nikki Fitzsimmons

    “An enlightening morning being guided and inspired. Jess is an intuitive and caring soul; helpful and healing. A great session!”

    “How lovely to be able to take time and take note of how you may want to feel on a daily basis. Well done Jessica. The day was well managed and guided by you with great practical examples”  Bronwyn Cawood

    “The course was a wonderful escape from the busyness of life, a rare opportunity to go inward and unearth my passions, desires and drivers…and think about how I really want to feel every day. Very empowering!”  Kristin Tennent

    “What a wonderful opportunity to connect with yourself! An incredibly nourishing experience. Thank you Jess!”

    “The Desire Map workshop is such an interesting and thought-provoking process which has allowed me to get in touch with and connect with my true desires for my life. I will take this information and apply it to many different areas of my life and I feel so happy and excited to watch the effects unfold. Thank you!”  Kelly Pringle

    “In a time of personal transformation, I found the Desire Map workshop to be empowering and transformative. I can’t wait to put it into practice. Thank you Jess!”  Callen Gerrits

    “A great way to dig deeper and widen one’s awareness of self and then use the tools with family and clients. A nurturing way to create a greater understanding using words that resonate personally.”  Morag Bromfield

    “Jess is always so thorough, helpful, understanding and a master at facilitating the process in her gentle ways. Very knowledgeable and talented.”   Nellie Snow

    “The experience opened up time for me to think about what I really want to feel, which we never take the time to do. It gave me some great insights which I’m excited to integrate into my life”  Pavla Bardone

    “I so loved the workshop and especially the beautiful sense of “place” created. It was a wonderful, relaxed, calm and nurturing environment and I felt nourished the moment I stepped into the studio. Jessica is a warm and gentle but challenging facilitator and I would recommend her workshops in a heartbeat. For me personally it created powerful shifts in my thinking. The shift from what I wanted, to how I wanted to feel made me experience my goals in a completely different way.” Simone Dale

    “The session allowed me the space, energy and focus to really connect with how I want to feel in life. Group dynamic worked well with everyone sharing their experience.”  Camilla Bardone

    I absolutely loved this workshop, and found it incredibly useful! Haven’t stopped talking about the experience. A rare chance to sit quietly and connect with myself – and to be guided gently to shift my perceptions on my usual annual approach of putting demands and pressure on myself. It has unlocked a whole new way of thinking and of defining intent for my year ahead. A few months later I can honestly say that the words that evolved for me out of the DESIRE MAP workshop have been life-changing!

    Louise Duys Walker, Durban